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  • leilakalomi156 days ago
    Have you ever felt like when they were passing out the instruction manuals to life someone forgot to give you yours? There are times I feel like everyone on the planet understands social behavior and I am the only one that has no clue. Everything I say or do sometimes seems to be wrong and the more I try to make it right the madder people get at me. Am I the only one who feels like this? I feel like I am in a strange country that I do not know the language in, and I am trying to communicate with people that do not speak my language either.
  • leilakalomi1 year 52 days ago
    I think it is time i make something clear to everyone the girl on my profile is not me. She is the actress who played leila kalomi in the original star trek series in the 1960's
  • wpgmb1 year 116 days ago
  • leilakalomi1 year 195 days ago
    lol where did you get that edited version of that clip john I have seen every episode of the original series ever aired, and that is definably NOT how that ended?
  • leilakalomi1 year 276 days ago
    Has anyone ever felt like they do all the work and a coworker come in and cir***vents your place on a project to finish up the job you started and take the credit for your work for himself? And if you have what did you do about it without losing your job? Did I mention the person doing this is the boss's wife and that she works at the company too?