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Was back in the hospital

     Late Saturday night I had to call my niece to take me to the er.  My pulse was bouncing between 132 and 154,  It only took a couple hrs for them to decide to put me in the hospital.  I was hoping to get out the next day, but I did not, I never got out till Tuesday. As a result of being in the hospital and having a large wall as a view from my room, I missed the firework display Sunday night.   The irony of this is if the wall had not been there I would have had a great view of the display from my bed in the hospital.  It is so hard to sleep in the hospital. I had a blood pressure cup on one arm and 2 ivs with 3 drips on the other arm. and at least 3 times while I was in there they drew blood. One morning they woke me at 5 am to draw blood and could not find the vain so left without it only to have another girl come in 2 hrs later to try it again. I sleep on my side normally and that is not easy with both arms hooked to things.   Monday morning the one iv ran out and the alarm on it went off right by my head. That will wake you up fast!   They finally got my heart rate down to a reasonable level and let me come home. lol I should not laugh but we got a heat wave headed my way and I do not have an air conditioner, so it may not have been all bad had they kept me a few more days in the air conditioned hospital lol . They had to send me home though, because the cardiac wing of that hospital is nearly always full, and I am sure there were people that needed their attention more then me once they got my heart rate lowered.
     I was quite disappointed when my cardiologist came in to see me and told me there is not much they can do for me till we see if we can get rid of the blood clot and have the ablation, because they had exhausted every other avenue.   I want to live to be 100 and at this rate I may not make it.
     Ok let's put all this depressing stuff away and let me take a moment to wish you all a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY.