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     Last night was a sleepless night. No matter how hard I tried I could not get my body to go to sleep.  Turns out I am not the only one I spoke to a friend on line about 5 am who also could not sleep, and when my sister called at 7 am she said she had not slept at all either.  I do not know what was going on that people were having trouble sleeping last night, but apparently I was not the only one that could not sleep.  My sisters problem was she had a bad stomach ache.  I think my problem was I could not get  my mind to stop racing.  I hate when it gets like that where I can not shut my thoughts down enough to actually sleep.  I do not know what causes it,but I do know it is a real problem.   I need my sleep.  When I do not get enough sleep I get irritated easily and mad over things most people would not even notice. Night before last I slept great and woke up feeling better then I had in weeks.
     I do not know it could be this weird weather and all the staying inside because of the virus.   I think people are going stir crazy with all this being trapped inside our homes for this long.   There is a beautiful sunny sky out there this morning , even though the air is still chilly, it is the kind of sun that makes you want to go out and just feel it on your face ( well the part you so not have covered by a mask anyhow).   I do know lack of sleep is no good for anyone.   It messes with you both mentally and physically.
     Here is to a better night's sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I would hate to have dark circles under my eyes on my birthday.   I doubt many will remember it, but I have already gotten 3 cards and a big present from my boyfriend.