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     I have recently came to the conclusion no matter what you do or, how well meaning you are in your actions, someone is not going to like what you do.  Recently I took and action I felt I had to take for the greater good, but now someone I care about very much  is quite angry with me.   I do not know why I was seen as wrong for standing up for those that stood up for me, but the way I see it if I could forgive this person for not standing by my side when I really wanted it in the past.   Then this person should be just as willing to forgive me for doing something that hurt them.    If a friend is really a friend they will forgive each other right?    And if they are not willing to forgive you when you have forgiven them in the past apparently  they are not as good a friend to you as you were to them.
     On a side note my mom always said Eavesdroppers hear not good of themselves.   I hope you know what I mean. lol