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This is more for me more than anything.


I have been thinking about this for a long time and feel like the last 4 years have been the worst I can remember, I seriously believe that Trump is the Antichrist and that things will only get worse if somehow he gets reelected.  Even if by the grace of God, Biden does get elected, Trump will REFUSE to step down and things could get ugly.  If he (trump) does get reelected, Covid deaths will increase to a horrid number and I predict that there will be over 500,000 deaths by January.  If Biden gets elected, of course there will still be deaths, but I think at some point they will start to decrease, because everyone will start doing what they need to do instead of believing a crazy lunatic, who told us this would go away in March.  Mark my words, things will get better if we elect Biden and WORSE if we elect Trump.  I would say more, but don't think any of you really care, this is just for me, so I can check back later and see if my #'s were right or not.


So it's my birthday today (54) and where is my husband, passed out in bed cause he got up early and started drinking.  He does this EVERY weekend and break (he teaches community college) and you wonder why I say he is not romantic, it is hard to be romantic when you are passed out in bed or being an idiot.  I try really hard to be supportive when he has troubles and on some level he does some nice things for me, but I just really cannot tolerate him being drunk EVERY weekend regardless of what is going on.  It is depressing, demoralizing and just plain sad.  Today should have been a happy day and I am all alone playing games.  My daughter did just get up and wish me a happy birthday, but I am still sad and just wish I could die because it is like this ALL the time.

HELP!!! I'm addicted to the Halmark Channel

Since July, have gotten bored with my usual channels; Animal Planet and SciFy.  I mean there is only so many times you can watch the same movies over and over again.  So I have started watching the Halmark Channel, sicky sweet romance movies are not really my thing, but can't seem to stop watching them, they ALWAYS have a good ending, and while they are predictable, they seem to have filled a need that is missing in my life.  While my husband loves me he is just not romantic, at least not anymore so I watch these horrid movies about men wooing a pretty girl, and maybe pretend it is hubby and me, I don't know.  Think I have seen at least 15 or so movies and on some level don't really enjoy them, but just can't stop.  And do people REALLY do up the whole frigging house with Christmas decor, cause EVERY house and EVERY store is decked to the max with wreaths and trees and lights, I mean who has that much.  Seems to me it would take DAYS to put up and take down.  I mean I love Christmas, but we really only have a tree in the living room, some lights outside, sometimes I manage to put some stuff on the mailbox and some candles on the mantle.  Any more would seem like clutter and who has time to dust all that and keep the animals from knocking everything down.  But still I just can't stop watching.  Somebody find me a new channel to watch. n29.gif?v=122n10.gif?v=122

The Most Disgusting Thing


The most disgusting thing happened this morning.  Woke up to MAGGOTS all over the kitchen and laundry room floors.  Must have left the trash too long and a fly laid it eggs and then they managed to hatch and reach maggot stage and were off to look for a nice place to pupate into more flies.  OMG NOT in my house.  Have been sweeping and vacuuming like crazy to get them all.  I am so disgusted and grossed out I can't tell you.  Every few minutes we look around and there are more of the suckers squirming around. n9.gif?v=122n19.gif?v=122  Probably gonna be doing this for a couple hours til they are all gone.