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Technology and its downsides.

Hank & Merv had grown up together,
they lived next door to each other,
and worked at the same car plant on different shifts.
One Saturday morning Merv received an e-mail from Hank.
"Merv,I know we have been friends for all this time, so I just had to confess to something"
It went on..."Whilst you have been working your night shift I have done something awful"
"I have been using and abusing your wife...I am just asking for forgiveness"
"I hope to be getting a wife of my own soon, so I would just like to say SORRY!"
Your best buddy,Hank.
Merv was incandescent with rage,his wife was out shopping,he would deal with her later.
Picking up his gun,he stormed round to Hanks' house and brayed on the door.
Hank opened the door and started to say something....
Merv just shot his former friend dead!
Returning home Merv was in a real state,boiling with anger and remorse.
His computer pinged an incoming e-mail...It was from Hank!
The sonofabitch must have sent it just before I killed him!
Merv shakingly opened the e-mail and slowly read it.
It read "Merv,I just re-read the e-mail I sent you, and would you believe it?..
the spell checker had changed Wi-Fi to wife!!
"Technology huh?...It will be the death of me one day!"