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TRULY STUPID 2018-05-30

     I just saw something truly stupid.   As the story goes an African American rapper invited a white fan on stage to sing with him.   The song had the N word as part of the lyrics and he told her she was not allowed to sing the N word.   Now  I got to tell you this is not only truly stupid, but looks like a form of entrapment to me.    Think about this a minute.   The girl was a fan so she liked him and his music.   He asked her on stage to sing with him, knowing fully well what the words to his song were.   So why in the world would he tell her she could not sing the song THE WAY IT WAS WRITTEN?  SERIOUSLY!   Why would you ask someone to sing a song with you and then get all bent out of shape when they sing it the way it was written.  
     What really makes me mad is the girl apologized for doing what he asked her to.   HE ASKED HER TO SING WITH HIM.   I got one thing to say to ALL song writers and performers ,IF YOU DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO SING CERTAIN WORDS LIKE THAT DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DANG SONGS IN THE FIRST PLACE.   Which brings me to the next thought why the hell do African Americans call one another that N word when they have a fit if any other race call them it????
     I actually asked a few young African Americans that very question last summer.   They had an interesting explanation.   They told me I was not hearing them correctly they said they were not saying the N word I thought they were saying.   They told me they were saying Nigga and that to them it means like brother.   Now this came from the teens using the word, so I am going to accept that as true.   Thing is what people do not realize is not everyone hear the words the way you are pronouncing them or meaning them.   
     I think people would get along better if everyone would just see each other for who they are inside and not the color of the skin.
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  • Good observation joanna08 Romeo was tricked he knew the dang word was in the song so why invite a white girl sing with him instead of and African American cause I am sure if an African American fan had said that taboo N word no one would have even raised an eyebrow, much less made a big thing of it. The man knew that word was in the song. He did not ask her not to sing that word before the song started he waited and caused an issue part way through the song. You do realize had he ignored it everyone else prob would have too.
  • you see what you want to see and thats fine, but there are other possibilities
  • Larry@ya137515 days ago
    The N word should never ever be said by anyone no matter their race. Whether the version of that word ends with -er or -a, it should never be uttered. That fact that is it still said, in both the white and black communities, does not help us get better as a people. I see no purpose for anyone to use that word, and as long as rappers continue to include that word in their music, they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.
  • I Like Cracker Jacks!
  • i totally agree with your statement larry