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Cheers!7 years 42 days ago
From: liz_sp
Golden clover 7 years 46 days ago
Golden clover
Lovebirds 7 years 57 days ago
Sweet teddy 7 years 72 days ago
Sweet teddy
Coffee7 years 73 days ago
have a nice week Rigs ;) regards :*
Teddy bear 7 years 76 days ago
Teddy bear
Headphones 7 years 80 days ago
Snorkeling set 7 years 86 days ago
Snorkeling set
Holiday cocktail 7 years 86 days ago
Holiday cocktail
Kiss 7 years 106 days ago
Cupcake 7 years 108 days ago
Drink on the rocks 7 years 110 days ago
Drink on the rocks
Raspberry drink 7 years 112 days ago
Raspberry drink
Lady bug 7 years 113 days ago
Lady bug
Smooch7 years 114 days ago
i love my lips. so be well, keep the ROCKing going!
Money7 years 114 days ago
definitely needs more gifts to choose from. i can send you technically 2 gifts. smiles. here is some green. cha ching!
Coffee7 years 119 days ago
Hi Rigs :*:D have a nice evening :D:D
Soccer ball 7 years 124 days ago
Soccer ball
Ice coffee 7 years 124 days ago
Ice coffee
Tropical drink 7 years 127 days ago
Tropical drink
Spring flowers7 years 131 days ago
Spring flowers
Hello .Mr Rigs* . i always like your blogs .thank you and God Bless you have a nice day

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