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Stocking7 years 293 days ago
here is your missing sock...yes, i been up all night!!! can you tell??? smiles
Happy New Year!7 years 293 days ago
Happy New Year!
hope next year, will what you need...and every year following!!
Lots of presents7 years 293 days ago
Lots of presents
these are so pretty!!! lots of presents, a good thing!!!
Christmas star7 years 299 days ago
Christmas star
From: liz_sp
Merry Christmas!!
Christmas star 7 years 299 days ago
Christmas star
Holiday present 7 years 300 days ago
Holiday present
Mistletoe 7 years 300 days ago
Holiday present 7 years 303 days ago
Holiday present
Fir tree7 years 309 days ago
Fir tree
thanks for the present!! here is a tree for you, i wont be having won..smiles. HO HO HO merry xmas
Holiday present 7 years 310 days ago
Holiday present
Red lollipop7 years 314 days ago
Red lollipop
HO HO HO!!! found something you didnt have! I,so LOVE PEPRERMINT!! did you know, indians say, if you sea a deer, means sex-love
Hot water bottle7 years 314 days ago
Hot water bottle
merci bakou for the feeties warmer. i won 1 out of 2 tournament! 72k!!! this is the only warmer type i could find you! we match!
Deer sweater7 years 314 days ago
Deer sweater
i nevah had a ugly xmas sweater that is so talked about, in diverse ways....well you got a money color won!! smiles :*
Poinsettia 7 years 316 days ago
Hot cocoa 7 years 322 days ago
Hot cocoa
Orange 7 years 322 days ago
Healthy diet7 years 324 days ago
Healthy diet
from oregon to cali- I WILL SWIM!! gigglying!! i hope you understood these gift messages. read in proper sequence.PLAH LEEEZE
Cute piglet7 years 324 days ago
Cute piglet
(missing you MAKING ME SMILE!!! jan.feb.mar.april.may. if decide to continue to exist- i am going to gym!! from oregon (continue
Camera7 years 324 days ago
took some pictures. when i figure out how to do it!! HA!! on comp. youll be won of the firsties to sea! MISSING you (continue-
Money7 years 324 days ago
money money money MONEY!! slept in bed with a book at thanksgiving-debating whether to go to new mexico for xmas
Fireplace7 years 324 days ago
much sweeter dreams for you always..smiles...been hermiting...had a quick ride on a harley, and semi truck-been in SNOW I LOVE

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