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My little pimk bunny got broken

there are always little play things
that I'd someday like to try
sometimes big, some small, but most times
anything that catches my eye

I saw once a little egg,
connected to a remote,
shove it in and let's begin
to your ecstasy it's devote

on a dare I bought a bunny
very pink and ribbed for fun
many different vibe speeds
thinking "ah this is the one"

taking it home I pondered,
if I'd actually use this toy
but along with some Slip wet lubricant
it gave me soo much joy

the bunny ears worked wonders
on my button of delight
just two minutes with you, Bunny
and my orgasm took flight

Pink Bunny was my favorite
on that word I will not choke
that is, until Pink Bunny
got used so much, he broke