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Fake Cheats

Having played snooker & pool on the above web site for quite some time, I was booted by the admins for complaining & naming specific cheats to them and on their forum. They laughingly denied that hacking* was going on!

I discovered that at least 98% of players are using hacks/aim bots to win games. How can so many people be so brain-dead that they have to use software to cheat at a computer game? They gain zero!

Then again, if beginners lose their initial 2500 complimentary valueless game-chips, they can only continue playing if they pay cash to the web site for more valueless game-chips. Hmmm.

*How to spot the cheats: when it becomes the cheat's turn to play, the tip of their cue automatically pulls back from the cue-ball - anything between 8 - 20mm. Some hackers are using software which allows them to pot balls without even aiming their cue at the cue-ball! Link