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This book is by far one of the most entertaining I have done in a bit. Definitely 5 stars. Setting highlands of Scotland, of course. A girl is rescued from a forced marriage by her betrothed that she thought was killed when he was a child, but he survived the murder of his family, and grew up to be a mercenary. The trip back to her father was a long one, and nearly every time they stopped to relieve themselves, she would find an injured or abandoned animal. She insisted on taken them all with her; Her character reminded me of Ellie May Clampet she was an animal whisper for sure. First she found an injured rabbit, then a small ferret (that was not what they called it, but I looked it up it was a ferret) The Wolf as her betrothed was called, protested each addition to her growing petting zoo. He tried to get her to leave the ferret behind, saying it would probably die because they needed a lot of heat at that size. She slipped it into her top between her breasts and said that will take care of the heat for now. There it rode for most of the trip in her top. The next thing she found was a little fox that something had chewed the ears off of. It got to the point the men that were with them were speculating on what she would find next. One of them thought she would find a wolf, as each stop she got an animal farther up the food chain, but she did not get any more till they got to her father's place.
The wolf had told her on the way back that he and she were to marry, and he had not died all those years before. It all happened fast. They were married that night, stayed there for their wedding night, and next morning early they set out for his ancestral home that was in bad shape after being abandon for 20 years. Her father brought out her horse that thankfully she had been made to leave there when she went to see her Uncle. The horse was huge, powerful, and quite stubborn, in fact that was its name stubbornbastard ( hope that does not get centered). When they had only just started the trip to their new home , they heard a howling in the woods that was getting closer. Her husband sent some men to find the wolf and dispatch It, because a wolf out in the day usually met rabies. Her husband was leading her horse, and when she realized they were going to kill the wolf, she called out stubornbastaare. Her husband thought she was calling him that. Her horse reared and jerked away, they spun and rode in the direction of the howls. She got to them before they could kill the wolf, and skid off the horse's back. She ran to the wolf and put her arms around it. The men stood there staring as she told them they would not kill him. The wolf so happy to see her started licking her face. By the time her husband caught up with her, not only was the wolf licking her, but the horse too. The wolf and the horse, neither one seemed to mind the presence of the other. Her poor husband realized this was another animal she had rescued. It was only then she thought about the ferret, she looked about and saw it sitting on the horse's saddle. Her husband asked here if the wolf would be able to keep up or if he should send it back to her father. She told him the wolf would probably run alongside the horse as they were friends. it took a few days to get to their new home. Her father arranged for wagons full of things they would need to set up housekeeping to be sent to them. The same day the wagons arrived, she had found an abandon baby deer in the woods.
There had been 2 attempts on her husband's life. The second one hit her, but she lived. Eventually things worked out, and they thought it would be alright. But it was not, if you want to know what happened you will want to get this book. It was worth every sent I paid for it. I plan to check out the rest of this series, and see if they are as good.