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It is not easy staying true to yourself when others try to force you into molds of what they think you should be. The thing is EVEN IF you go through the motions and do what they ask to appease them, DOES IT REALLY COUNT. When someone you care about tries to change you into what they think you should be instead of allowing you to be who you are, and accepting the real you, does it count? I think truth and honesty in a relationship is more important then giving in and doing things that are against your true personality just to make someone else think you are cool. Real friends will accept you the way you are even if you do not always do things the way they want you to do them. I once told a friend of mine who was trying to change her b/f into what she wanted him to be, " Real friends do not try to change their friends. They accept them the way they are, and if you can not accept your friends as they are you go find new friends that fit the mold of what you think your friends should be." We get one life in this world and I can tell you from past experience, you will be far more unhappy if you try to force yourself to do or be what someone you care about wants you to if it is not how you truly feel. I do many things that others think are mistakes. Writing this blog will probably be one of those things, but what ever I do I do because I am me, not because I am a piece of clay that someone else has molded into what they think I should be like. There are many people I value in my life both on and off the net. I would hate to lose any of them, but I refuse to try to force myself into doing something I do not feel in my heart is the right thing to do just to make others think they are right.
I am 63 years old. I am not perfect in anyone's eyes by any shape or form, but I try to do my best to help people when I can, and if other people can not understand me or accept me then I think that is more about their personality then mine. I have never one time told a friend be how i tell you to be or we will not be friends any more, but I get that attitude from friends a lot. Maybe it is a quark in my personality, or maybe it is not, either way I always try to be true to myself.
There are people out there who hate my blogs, and that is ok. I think everyone should be allowed to have their own opinion. Just remember this though YOUR OPINION IS NOT LAW. Everyone is free to say and think what they want this is America where we have the right to free speech, even if not everyone agrees with what you say. I once heard a quote: " I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it." I think those are great words.
I am not a politicization who changes what ever they say to meat the wishes of what ever group they are talking to at the time. I say what I think. It may not be popular but it is honest. ANYONE WHO DOES NOT LIKE IT CAN EITHER DEAL WITH IT OR NOT READ MY BLOGS take your pick.