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Here is a bit of irony for you all. I have nephew he and his wife both refused to get the covid shots, and now they BOTH have covid. Here is the ironic part his wife is a huge germaphobic , even before the pandemic she was like that, and it got worse after the pandemic. Her daughter and I once saw her use hand sanitizer before taking her phone out of her purse. She was the only one touching it, and she never put it down anywhere till she put it back inside her purse. After putting it back inside her purse she used the hand sanitizer. Her daughter and I both laughed about this, it was her own phone and she was the only one that had contact with it. She said you can not be too careful, and yet she would not get the vaccine. Now both she and my nephew have covid. Guess all that hand sanitizer did not stop her from getting it , Did It? That is true irony.
I understand if you are out in public, around people you do not know , or ones you know have covid to be extra careful, but so many people have became obsessed, and a little paranoid about germs. The part that is bad about this all is : The hand sanitizers DO NOT KILL ALL THE GERMS. Some of them live on to create the next generation of germs. The sanitizers have little effect on the new generation of germs, and the process repeats. Each generation of the virus gets stronger and more immune to the disinfection. Some day we will have a germ that nothing will kill and then we will all die, but I have found washing my hands with soap and water to be a better idea then the sanitizer , and the fact I am allergic to the sanitizers does not help. For me it boils down to MAYBE getting covid ( btw I got my shots) or definitely getting an allergic reaction to the sanitizers that are meant to help keep us safe from the virus.