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I want to bounce something off you all and I am sure some will not agree, but i know what I am about to post is true? I was slicking a bit of ham today and the knife slipped and made a nice size silt in the end of my pointer finger. I am on a blood thinner so it bleed a bit.
I am sure many will disagree with what I did about it. Most people would have been running for soap and water to wash it, but I know something most people either do not know or ignore in favor of modern ideas on medicine. The human body is a wonderful thing with a great ability to heal itself. If I have a cut and it is bleeding well, I never wash it with soap and water at the time of the cut. I just take a clean cloth of paper towel and wipe the blood and any dirt of it. I rub it in the direction of the cut never into the opening. Once the two sides are pressed firmly back into place I hold it there till the bleeding stops. I then wrap it in gauze and tape it securely in place. I try not to bump it or cause it to start bleeding again for a couple hours. Most times the ends of the 2 sides of the cut will grow back together, and in a couple days you will not even notice it was ever cut. However if you use soap and water on an open cut the ends of the cut will curl up and shrink to the point it will not be possible for it simply to reattach itself, and you may need stitches to close it.
Most doctors either do not know or will not tell you because it would cut into their sages, that when the blood flows free , the blood itself will wash any dirt from the cut, and because the blood is part our your body your body does not recoil from it like it does water. NOW if the cut is minor and it has not bleed well you should definitely wash it as there may not be enough blood to clean it properly, and may need some help, but if it bleeds well there is no need to use water on it.
This is not the first time I have used this remedy before and even with a bad cut you can fix it yourself without stitches if it bleeds well.