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   A famous sports entertainer often says Don't trust anyone, and I am starting to wonder if he was right.   Just yesterday someone I have know for years, and trusted showed his true colors.   He had promised me he would keep a secret that both he and I knew.  The suddenly and with no prior heads up he not only told the secret, he published it.   I found out about it from a real friend, and he told me to brace myself before he told me what he had read and where.   I wonder if Stone Cold was right when he said don't trust anyone.   Seems like I tend to trust the wrong people a lot.   I want to trust everyone, but the sad fact is some people are just not worthy of trust.   My problem is on the net I have a much trouble telling those that I may trust from those that no one should ever trust.
    I guess if you do not trust anyone, no one can hurt your feelings or break your heart right?   But that would be an awful way to live. If you would go through life thinking everyone would lie to you or break your heart, would you not be condemning yourself to your own private hell?   Deep inside me I have a belief that most people are good inside.  I do not want to go through life doubting everything anyone says to me.   If I trust the wrong person and they stab me in the back with a lie or a broken promise, I may cry for a little while,but they have to live with the bad karma they generated from the act.   I am a big believer in letting karma equalize it when someone hurts me, because no one escapes bad karma.   Sometimes it may take a while for them to get paid back for their dishonesty and meanness, but trust me it will happen all I have to do is sit back and wait for it.   Problem with so many people today is they have no patience to wait for people who do them wrong to get paid back by their own bad karma.   They will try to get even themselves and in doing so cause themselves to have bad karma also.