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     First let me make one thing clear this blog in no way has anything to do with what is going on in politics.   This is about how when a group of like minded people get together, sometimes they do not make sure they are right in what they agree on, before they try to act on it.   Sometimes these people will act out with hostility against someone  who is standing alone, simply because that person is an easy target. Also sometimes they gather together as a group because of a mob mentality.  I know of at least one person in my own family who can get others to jump on his side right or wrong against another family member, because the other family members are worried if they do not he will start in on them.
     It is always a bad thing when an angry group goes at one person, ESPECIALLY if the angry group is wrong, or just picking on the one person because they are bored and think it is funny.   Sometimes people do not realize when one says something they think is funny it may hurt someone else's feelings, because it is mean to put someone else down for your enjoyment.   They also do not realize their mean words can cut a sensitive person like a knife, especially if they liked the person saying it  before they said it .
    Again lets drift back to my brother.  I stopped him from acting that way for about 15 years he is now starting it up again.   I do not know if people like this think that they make themselves taller by trying to cut someone else down, but it is not fair.   People should be allowed to be themselves irregardless if someone understands them or not. God made us all so even if you do not understand someone know they are as they were intended to be. It does not matter if we understand why or not.
    What gets me is when people would rather attack someone that is different then themself, rather then to try to understand why they are as they are.  EVERYONE should try to be more tolerant and understanding of others, because some day they themselves may be the one being picked at by a group of people who are in the wrong too.