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     Have you ever noticed sometimes you will find an ally in an unexpected place?   Just tonight I was sent and email that showed two very different people who did not even like one another are allies against a common foe.   It was really harsh about the people they were against, and complementary to another group which they did not get along with.   Goes to show even if you do not like someone, they can become and unexpected ally, if a greater foe arises.
     It reminds me of a time about a decade ago. I had been staff in a pool league, and some of the members did not like me.   They even made an ugly scene in the lobby of the lg room.   They stooped so low as to call me out of my name.   I will not say what one of them called me, but it was bad enough a few of the members left the room.
     A short time later I got into a fight with the leagues enforcing admin, because she refused to take action against another staff member, and I had screen shots of what she did.   The fight between me and the admin was ugly and she kicked me out of the league.  About a week later I stopped by the room, and there were not many people there.  To my shock the very same person that had called me a really bad name a couple weeks before,spoke to the head admin.   He said, "Does it make since to kick a td who is working hard to keep tourneys running only to have others go off and play elsewhere when there is nothing going on?"   I was surprised and pmed him I said, " Wow thank you that was very nice of you to say."  To which he replied that I was a pain but he had seen me make a tourney out of dirt.   He was right about that.  The day he called me that name none of the people in the room were jumping my tourney, so I pmed a few people on my friends list and got them to come in and play.   The tourney ran, but because the other members were being so mean, those I got to come in left after the one tourney.   Point is I never  expected the very man that had verbally to ever say anything good about me and he did.   He told the owner of the league he had made a mistake in allowing me to be kicked.  UNEXPECTED ALLY !