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     I was sorting through some pictures and I saw one of my oldest nephew and his oldest son standing by my brother, sister-in-law and other nephews grave.  It made me cry, because my nephew looked so stunned.  In only 3 years he lost the whole family branch he was born into.  The anniversary of my brother's death is coming up next month. We buried him the day before his oldest son's birthday in Aug 2016. ( heck of a birthday right) Then about a month later in mid Sept. his mother died.   It was hard having 2 deaths in the same family branch that close together, but it did not come as a big surprise to us that she died soon after my brother. Just 2 days before she died she said she did not know how she would ever go on without my brother :( .  They said it was natural causes that killed her, but we think it was a broken heart. They had been together sense my brother was 18 years old.  They  raises 2 sons together, and finished raising my sister-in laws little sister when here parents died. 
   The sad part of this is after battling cancer 3 times and winning, their youngest son followed  them to the grave after his 4th battle with cancer in Sept. 2019 just a week or two before his own birthday.  I feel so sorry for my nephew.   No one should have to lose their whole birth family that closely together.  I just thank God he has his wife and children.  The children are all grown up now, but right now they are all living back home with him and his wife.   It would have been tenable if he had to deal with all that pain alone.  My nephew has always been very sensitive and to see him shutting down his emotions is kind of odd, but I guess we all deal with grief in our own ways.
     It is weird is it not how a single picture can bring back so much emotions.  Some times they are happy emotions, but sometimes they are very sad ones.
     I think I mentioned my nephew was a race car driver before.  He got rid of the race car, and is giving it up.  It is just not the same for him with his dad and his brother gone.  They used to do it as a family.  To tell the truth I think it is just too painful for him to even think about it.  Just a couple days before his brother died he wanted to go to the races , so they loaded him up and took him to the races that night.  My oldest nephew never raced again. Frankly I think that is a good idea.   Racing is dangerous, that is why my sister-in-law would not let my brother do it she was afraid for him. I was surprised when she let her son do it.   Part of me wonders if my nephew did it because he wanted to or if he did it to make his dad happy.  Could be that driving fast just runs in the family.  I rode home with my brothers youngest grandson one night and it was faster then I really wanted to get home lol but he drives well. There had been a little talk of letting him drive the race car, but I guess they changed their minds.
   Ty for you all letting me get some of these emotions out.