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I was setting here thinking about something about a story my dad used to tell about me an a friend of his.  The way the story goes I used to ask him how his vitalities are, and he would say that he wished his was as good as mine.  I have no conscious memory of that but my dad told the story so many times when I was growing up that I can see it in my head.  The same thing goes for the morning my sister died. I was not even born yet, but I can see the events very clearly in my mind. My mom told that story many times too. My other sister said she thought mom did it so many times as a way of making Sally Ann real to my little brother and me, because we never met her. Mom would also talk about how strong Sally Ann was.  Mom said at only 3 weeks old she could sit up in the corner of a chair by herself.  Mom said after she died every time she saw a baby that was too strong too young it gave her a funny feeling. 
    There is a point to these ramblings. It is July 4th. I have a friend who had some bad things happen to him on the 4th of July, and after 10 years of watching him go into a depression and obsess about something he will never be able to change, it is like I was there and saw it as it happened through his eyes.   I have tried for years to help him let go of some of the pain of that year, but things stick in his head like they do mine, and I can tell it is hitting him extra hard this year.  He is being really quiet, and anyone who knows him knows he is NEVER quiet. :) I think that is part of why he an I get along so well I am rarely quiet too.