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     I am so tired of every time you turn around people are trying to make EVERYTHING a racial issue even if that may not be the case.   Did you all see that clip on one of the news pages where the woman and her son went to a restraint and they were told the little boy was in violation of the dress code?  The employee that stopped them made it clear it was because of the clothes, and even said they would love for them to eat there , and asked if they lived close enough that they could go home and change the clothes. 
     The mother spotted another little boy (out side) dressed similarly to the way her son was, and asked why he was allowed to eat there. The employee told her it was the shoes that did not meet the dress code. ( Personally I do not see any reason for a fancy dress code.  As long as you are clean without any private body parts sticking out, any clothes should be ok) , but some restraints have fancy clothes codes.  I do not eat in them lol.  Back to my point.  No one on the tape everrrrrrr said it was a color issue.  On being interviewed by the news the mother herself even said SHE ASSUMED it was a color thing.  People should never assume anything. You so not know what other people are thinking, there for you can not say what they were thinking.  I think it is sad two people lost their job because someone thinks they are above the rules.  
     This event made me think of a song I heard decades ago. If I can find it on line I will put it on my wall.  
     I do not know if people do not get that trying to make a raciest event out of something that was not one, makes it harder for people to care about the real ones.  Like the little boy that cried wolf.   Real events or racism should be delt with, but just because someone does not get their own way does not automatically make the person that stopped you from breaking a rule a racist.