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     Some of you may remember a blog I did some months back about a friend of mine, and the fact she does not answer her phone.   Last time I spoke to her her water had broken and she was on her way to the hospital,   It has been over a month sense that call, and it was back to her not answering her phone again.  Now today out of nowhere I got a blue envelope in the mail, with no return address.   Inside this envelope were 3 cards from my friend.  Two of the cards were late birthday cards.   The one was covered in glitter and it had some of the most beautiful words in it.  My friend had written to tell me that she wanted to thank me for something I did not know I did << her words.   She went on to tell me that she had had her little girl and she was beautiful and healthy, and it was because of what I said to her before she knew she was pregnant.   Her doctor wanted to set her up with a DNC .   I told her that sense she had been being throwing up that before she had a dnc ( which would have scrapped everything from her uterus. )  I asked her if she was pregnant and she said she should not be because she had been treated for cancer.   I told her well you should check that out before the dnc.   I told her if she did happen to be pregnant she would want to hold off the dnc.  I know her, I told her if she did not check it out and she was pregnant she wouldn't be able to live with herself, if she had the dnc and then found out she was pregnant and had killed her child.
    Sure enough she was pregnant.   The medical people wanted her to have the dnc and not risk having the child at all,   She remembered me telling her she would regret it . She told the doctor she was going to have the baby.   She sent me a picture of the baby she is beautiful. She calls her, her miracle  child.