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     What started out as a really bad spring has turned into a wonderful summer.   Yea the weather has been kind of hot and rainy, but everything else is going great.   I am getting higher points in pool :) I have not had as much anxiety, I am getting many crafts done.   My neighbors got a new vehicle and they have taken me on several outings with them.   I got a new fan, and I love it the handle clips onto my window frame securely so I do not have to worry about it falling out.   It is a 20 inch box fan by Lasko I have bought several fans from them over the years, and loved them all.   If you are looking for a good fan you can find this one on the Walmart website, but I would hurry you know how stores are about changing seasonal things early.   Before we know it the fall things will be out, the the HALLOTHANKMAS decorations lol that is what I call it when they have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations all out in one store at one time.
     I remember when the Christmas decorations were not put out till after Thanksgiving, and Christmas seemed more special back then.   Our Christmas tree never went up till Christmas eve and would come down the day after New Years.   Back then we had real trees that my dad himself cut down from his friend's farm.   When the stores in an effort to sell more push all the holidays together at one time it makes nothing special anymore n1.gif?v=122 .   The way things are going the children of today's modern  high tech sell sell world will never know the joy and wonder I did as a child waking up Christmas morning to find Santa Clause had come.   We were poor so our presents were usually a doll for me, and a truck for my brother, maybe a coloring book or or story book or a game if we had saved any extra money through the year.   The rest of the things if any we got were clothes and things we needed.   Kids today have too many things just handed to them.   I remember saving pennies for 2 whole years to get an Etch A  Sketch, and it meant more to me then if my parents had just went and bought it for me.   I had it till I was too old for it and gave it to my sister's kids.  
     I really think if every parent in the USA limited their kids Christmas list to only a couple things and did not buy them any more toys till the next Christmas or maybe their birthday that they children would appreciate what they have more, instead of saying MY MOM WILL GET ME A NEW ONE IF I BREAK IT.    WOW did I ever get off topic lol   I am sorry sometimes my mind thinks of more then one subject that may not seem connected to you but in my brain they are.
     Back to this nice summer.   When spring started I thought it was going to be a bad summer because of all the fighting in the neighborhood, but it seems to have burned itself out.   So far it has been a fairly peaceful  summer.   I have been spending more time with my oldest nephew's family. My oldest great niece just graduated high school and her party was a lot of fun.  Well most of it anyhow.   My great nephew got me all wet.lol   He had tried to get me wet with water balloons that did not work well, but his dad drenched him with the hose lol and I sneaked around the house ane when I got inside his cousin gave me a squirt gun that I filled with ice water from the cooler, and sprayed my great nephew right in the face. I then scurried back inside the house.   He tried to entice me into coming back out after he retrieved the hose.  That did not work, so when he came in to change his clothes he hugged me with his wet clothes still on lol.   I have got to admit I did not expect that.   We would never  have thought of doing that to one of our aunts lol .
     I was walking across the street the other day with my big straw hat on that I use or really sunny days, and one of the neighbors videoed me.   I looked up and saw him taping with his phone so I posed for him.   I told him I have 3 more straw hats at the house.   I really should look and see if he posted that anywhere on line lol.  I would rather look silly in a big hat then have skin cancer or sun burn on my face from the sun.