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     I have come to the realization the only way to keep from getting your heart broken is not to expect anything from anyone.   We all have friends we think will be there for us when we need them.   Some may be, but many will not be.   I have come to the realization that many people do what they do because of what is in it for them.   If you look close enough you will find that most times when someone does something for you there will be something they hope to get back from doing it.   I have noticed people will do things if someone pushes them to do so, but if the one that does the pushing to keep things moving forward is not there things come to a standstill.    It is heart breaking when someone you think you can count on to take up the slack when you are not around does nothing when you are not there.   I have come to the conclusion the only one you can count on to do something you want done is yourself.   If something is really important to you and you cannot do it for yourself, you may want to have about 12 backups in place.  That way maybe just mayyyyyyybe one of them will fill in for you in your absence.   Oh and if anyone gets offended by this blog ask yourself why?   Could it be you see yourself in it?