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     I have commented before on the stupid direction politically correctness is going in this country, and here I go again.   I just saw where a group is wanting to ban the little mermaid song kiss the girl, because an animated crab is trying to get a prince to kiss a mermaid.   Here is the link to the song : https://youtu.be/1e647ouVCxM I really do not know what this world is coming to.   People get stupider and stupider every day.   Anyone who has ever really watched that movie knows that first she could not speak even if he had asked to kiss  her, and second she did in fact want him to kiss her it was all part of the story line.   So lets see what other sweet memories of child hood would fall under this stupid objection.   SLEEPING BEAUTY she was awakened with a kiss that prince did not have her permission to do it.   In fact nearly every prince story in fairy tails has a prince kissing a princess and most never ask first, but lets go one further with the idiocy when the preacher says you may now kiss the bride BE SURE TO ASK HER IF YOU CAN FIRST.   Never mind she had probably been waiting for that day and that kiss most of her adult life.   Ask her first.   And FOR THE RECORD even thought the crab sung the song trying to get the prince to kiss the mermaid HE DID NOT DO IT at that point so why ban that part.   I seriously think these people that come up with these stupid politically correct ( IN THEIR MINDS) ideas have less going on of relevance in their lives then I do and that is saying something because I am one of the most irrelevant people in this country.
     The next kids movie they will go after if they get away with this stupid path they are on will be Santa Claus is coming to town.    After all the song in that says IF YOU SIT ON MY LAP TODAY A KISS A TOY IS THE PRICE YOU'LL PAY.   It will not be long till someone pegs Santa one of the most beloved figures in all of childhood as a child molester who bribes children with toys to set on his lap.   Hell I am surprised no one has picketed the mall Santa yet.  
     People I bet you all with the new year just around the corner lets return to a simpler, less paranoid time when people did not look for evil intent in everything they saw or heard.    Is it any wonder anxiety is such a problem in this country?   We are taught as kids to be afraid of everyone we meet.   Not ALL strangers are dangerous.   Instead of teaching the kids to be frightened of every stranger or of cartoon songs because they are not politically correct in some minds, we should teach them how to spot the real danger and how to see those that really mean no harm for what they really are.   If something is not done about these idiots coming at all the entertainment for stupid things like they are this song the day will come when there will be no movies no music no dancing because it may offend someone.
     NEWS FLASH THIS IS STILL THE USA AND WE CAN SAY WHAT WE WANT HERE as I am doing now.   You guys got any idea how old the movie the little mermaid is?, and no one had a problem with it till now.
     HERE IS WHERE I MAKE MANY MAD AND PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY, BUT HAVE ANY OF THESE PEOPLE BEING STUPID OVER A SONG EVER READ THEIR BIBLE?   It is full of murder, incest, bad treatment of many different people just for being different.   It has illegitimate births and hate crimes, and no one has ever one time suggested it be banned.    I think EVERYONE needs to realize these movies are just that movies for entertainment and not the end of society or any threat to the kids of today.   OK I KNOW I NEED TO CLIMB BACK DOWN OFF MY SOAP BOX, BUT I have little patience for stupidity that does not need to exist.