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     Have you ever heard the expression a new broom sweeps clean.   It refers to something being new and how everyone wants it and everyone loves it because it is new and shiny, and everyone thinks it is the greatest thing sense the discovery of electricity.   It does not take long though for that shiny new thing to get tarnished and worn.   Just like a broom will be less effective with age so is anything else.   This is not true of all things.   I still have a broom my mother bought 40 years ago.   I will admit it has had a little work done on it over the years. but it will still sweep a sidewalk as good as any new broom.  
     Those of you who know me and know my writing style have already figured out this blog is not really about brooms.   It goes much deeper it is for all those people out there who abandon something strong and stable for a new thing when it is created.   It is very exciting to be on the forefront of new things, but I personally like to stay with the old reliable things and do not concern myself with new things when they show up.   I have a Kenmore sweeper that is nearly 50 years old and it still runs.    It is a little the worse for ware, but it is in good shape for its age.   I have had to replace the hose 2 times over they decades .   It is often necessary  to make adjustments to things to keep them running from year to year, but true quality will stand the time.
I would much rather have old quality then brand new shiny garbage.     The thing to remember is not to give up on something or someone just because something or someone new comes along.
        I have noticed many people are fickle.   They have no clue what they really want so they bounce around from person to person never really putting any commitment into making things better.   While others have a clear view of what they want in life and they make it happen.