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“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think.”
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Boudreau goes huntin'


There was these two Louisiana Cajuns on the bayou. 

One morning Leroy saw Boudreau in his boat floating down the bayou with a lawnmower in it. "Hey Boudreau the hell you gon do with that lawnmower?" "This here's a John Deere and I'm going deer huntin!"

Leroy shakes his head at Boudreau and ~~hours~~ goes about his day. 4 hours later Boudreau comes back with a 14 point buck, and Leroy is shocked.

The next day Boudreau takes ~~of~~ off down the bayou but this time he has ~~is~~ duct tape.

"What the heck you gon do with that duct tape?" "Ahm gone duck huntin"

Again, Leroy just shakes his head at his friend's stupidity, but site enough later that day, Boudreau comes back with a couple of nice mallards.

Next day Leroy runs over to Boudreau and ~~days~~ says "what yas got this time?" "Pussywillow" "oh hell let me get my hat and I'll go wit ya!"