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In some states, poker is not gambling, it is a "game of skill".
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The woman whose profile page I have been posting about has pointed out several things that I had wrong in my previous posts, so I feel I need to correct them.

1.  She did NOT ask people for money or for them to spend money at the "for profit" porn site she had in her profile - the fact remains, she is linking people to the "for profit" web site and NOT to her own personal web page.  Also, I did NOT say that any of  HER photos were offensive in any way.  I DID say (and still say) that having that link on her profile is totally inappropriate for this site.

2.  I said she told the "men" to check out her photos.  That was incorrect.  She directed her comments to the whole table, which just happened to be made up of men.  I am sorry for not making that distinction clear.  Also, she never said whether HER photos were sexually explicit - she just had the link in her profile to the for pay site and said to "search for her".

3.  She has privately called ME a prude.  Believe me, nothing could be farther from the truth.  I am NOT upset at the content of her photos (I haven't even seen them), but I DO feel that having a link to a for profit porno site is inappropriate for this site. If she had put the same (regardless of how explicit or hard core) photos up in her OWN web page not linked to a for profit one, I would not have had a single concern and would have gone there to view them.

4.  I want to note that I have NOT mentioned her name or ID and I have NOT reported anything at all to Game Desire.  I just wanted to comment, not on the content of her photos, but on the fact that links to for profit websites (especially where minors can be involved) are not appropriate here.  

Lastly, I am NOT trying to make this person look like some sort of  "undesirable" - I DON 'T THINK SHE IS. I am just commenting on her linking to a site that is trying its best to take people's money.

In all fairness, I am deleting my post that said she solicited money while at the table.