Relationship status: married
I want to play with: women, men
Looking for: entertainment
Zodiac sign: scorpio
Birthday: 11-12
joined: 2004-09-03
Next level: 
Points needed: 42
Last game
Red lollipop 9 years 276 days ago
Red lollipop
Ice coffee9 years 279 days ago
Ice coffee
Cute puppy 9 years 280 days ago
Cute puppy
Bull's eye9 years 298 days ago
Bull's eye
Four-leaf clover9 years 299 days ago
Four-leaf clover
From: paskudniczka
Summer sun9 years 314 days ago
Summer sun
Love is in the air9 years 317 days ago
Love is in the air
ola gatu lindo..bjinn mil da mineira ...viuva neggra do brasil
Red lollipop9 years 318 days ago
Red lollipop
słonecznego weekendu:)
Cold beer9 years 319 days ago
Cold beer
Duży bronek dla Ciebie ;)
Clover badge9 years 321 days ago
Clover badge
Fitness9 years 331 days ago
Summer sun9 years 332 days ago
Summer sun
słonecznego weekendu życzę :)
Summer sun 9 years 334 days ago
Summer sun
Kiss9 years 348 days ago
Golden clover9 years 348 days ago
Golden clover
Sun 9 years 349 days ago
Cold beer 9 years 351 days ago
Cold beer
Drink on the rocks10 years ago
Drink on the rocks
Raspberry drink10 years 10 days ago
Raspberry drink
Easter bunny10 years 14 days ago
Easter bunny
From: kasia716
Wesołych Świąt!!!
Easter egg10 years 14 days ago
Easter egg

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