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Here to play, meet, talk, laugh and interact.
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Something about me

About me
I am in my 20th
Tall and beautiful :) , kind of joke, but categoricly true
I am a lazy B I T C H that do not work (Also a joke)
I like sport and poetry
I like people if they are nice (It is I that judge)
And much more, I am not going to detail here right now
Poetry, drawing, decorating
Cross country ski and swimming
People and everything about them
Favorite movies
Favorite books
W.B.Yeats and everything almost of Dylan Thomas
Things I like
I will keep this open for a while
You can try and guess
Things I don't like
Rudeness, is absolutely my BIGGEST despise

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  • Linnea17 days ago
    I dream often
    Sometimes even when I sleep
  • Linnea19 days ago
    Sometimes freedom comes when you less expect it.
    I like surprises almost like I like my freedom.
  • Linnea31 days ago
    If I never see you again
    I will always carry you
    On my fingertips
    And in the corners of the brain
    And in the centers
    Centers, of what I am
    Of what is left
  • Blonde3259 days ago
  • hotwifetrained73 days ago
    Nice picture sweety.
  • Blonde3274 days ago
    Good morning. I'm thinking of you.
  • Blonde3277 days ago
    Kisses my love
  • Blonde3278 days ago
    Hi Sexy
  • hotwifetrained102 days ago
    Hi Linnea. You seem a stranger now. I am sad at the thought. Miss you much.
  • Blonde32117 days ago
    I miss our daily messages

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