Relationship status: it's complicated
I want to play with: women, men
Looking for: friendship, entertainment
Joined: 2019-02-20
Here to play, meet, talk, laugh and interact. I am also scribbling my thoughts and the like in the BLOG section.
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Something about me

About me
I am in my 20th
Tall and beautiful :) , kind of joke, but categoricly true
I am a lazy B I T C H that do not work (Also a joke)
I like sport and poetry
I like people if they are nice (It is I that judge)
And much more, I am not going to detail here right now
Poetry, drawing, decorating
Cross country ski and swimming
People and everything about them
Favorite movies
Favorite music
Favorite books
W.B.Yeats and everything almost of Dylan Thomas
Things I like
I will keep this open for a while
You can try and guess
Things I don't like
Rudeness, is absolutely my BIGGEST despise

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  • Linnea1 day ago
    OK, so today I change my picture.
    I would change color if I could
    Forget the the music I didn't hear
    And might go on long road into myself
    You will see and I will see so we will see
  • maryenny19712 days ago
    My God, you are all beautiful, I wish I could kiss your feet in such beauty!
  • Linnea4 days ago
    I walked in many paths
    When I wish to return,
    This lanes have a sign:
    The one: there is no entry
    The other: a sign of stop
  • Linnea4 days ago
    At low tide,
    The sadness is thicker.

    So what?

    A teardrop roll,
    Cheekes get wet again,
    And life overlaps imagination so very much,

    So much, so I felt like it again.
    Thinking and write ...

    You can love again ...

    Soon there will be the tide
    And then we shall see if this time too
    It was a mistake or not.
  • kensscreen15 days ago
    Missed you hunny.
    Will try again later.
  • Ann Marie197516 days ago
    Thank You for the tip
  • Linnea19 days ago
  • Blonde3224 days ago
    Hi Sweetie. I am finally feeling better. I had a really bad cold
  • hotwifetrained26 days ago
    Where are you? I miss you.
  • Linnea31 days ago
    You left me some time ago,
    I have already met despair,
    Life goes on day after day
    And the feeling is dwarfed,

    The eyes were dry
    The view is glazed,
    I thought about you not here once again
    The tears again flow...

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