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Poker Texas Hold'em

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  • Killing.It1 hour ago
    There is a way to know that weather i go blonde or any other color.. ... there is a way of always knowing it is me... ! can an body figure it out?
  • ~Rigs~9 hours ago
    Thanks for the add
    Have a great weekend
  • krzyƛ4617 hours ago
  • mist201 day ago
  • DaveIron9in15 days ago
    Looking good girl!... Keeping it real, and keeping it warm
  • mist2018 days ago
  • Killing.It21 days ago
    Amazingly nobody but for the ones below can read! smh.... delete , delete and keep on deleting. I am not being rude... i truly am a super nice person... i just do not wish to participate in a collection for a collector. It's not up for debate. Have a good one everyone. (well, to those that can read ha)
  • Killing.It23 days ago
    " I will not accept any request from anyone that is collecting girls (hardly dressed, butts, chesty (i know that is me).. how i dress is because i love fashion and because i can ! i do not by no means dress for attention because i do not need to do it for any attention.. my personality gets me everywhere). I am not this type of girl to wants to add to a collection of undressed others and etc. It is not my area to place myself in. let them add you.... no way i will ! I will remove every request as soon as i see it and realize the type of request that has been sent. I have been deleting and deleting and i will do it every time ! And i am not saying i am Gods gift to all... I am simply saying it's who i am.