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  • player222 days ago
    hi wish you a lucky day Beauty smile
  • FU-24 days ago
    M - - - ya u r 1 beauty... babydoll iz wat u r. Alwayz here ta support u... I'd break his ******* neck----- not being no keyboarder but this ****head I will hook into with a game. wuv ya beauty
  • Killing.It4 days ago
    Love Halloween time. It is an occasion i do go all out.. and my friends are the best as they totally enjoy going all in with it as well.
  • DaveIron9in5 days ago
    (as per below) ..Is it flipping time yet? *Dave drops mic and walks stealthy away ....
  • Killing.It5 days ago
    SO THIS JERZY GUY LIKES TO CALL WOMEN THE C..NT WORD AS HE CALLED ME.. i can not load the snapshot here.. ... does he eat with that mouth??????? he is a site bum.. no life... no friends.. real ones.. no family no MONEY.. just a bum... and it is everyone elses fault??? he is such a big man that he called me this WORD when he thought i had left the table already but i seen it.... he is a coward....... go away punk.... go wash your disgusting pathetic mouth out... and writing on my page is not a good idea.
  • player225 days ago
  • FU-28 days ago
    fk wat a hot babe u r
  • DaveIron9in11 days ago
    *Dave runs in like Kramer!! "What a kick ass photo"... *Dave exits stage left.... ... ....
  • mjsmith013111 days ago
    Great game today!
  • FU-213 days ago man suits you this song - - - played it when we played a zillion times.. i cant sleep for weeks now.. get out of mah head gorg

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