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“In order to write about life first you must live it.”
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You can't please everybody

I've learned this about life, the first step to being unhappy  is trying to please everybody else. I mean what's the point of gaining 'the worlds approval if that gain means you lose yourself  ? It just don't add up, so what makes us as human's sometimes care so much about the pains of others that don't care about us??
Why to we sometimes try so hard to care for  others to make them happy to impress people who could maybe care less about my life? Just so people can justify my flaws magnify my imperfections as if mistakes aren't part of who we all are, as if we all have never failed, face it we all struggle we all fail we all make mistakes, and you know what it sure don't make you a better person becuz you hide yours well. It doesn't make you better becuz you act like you got it all together,becuz we  both know if your walk could talk the talk it would show something different than you let the rest of the world see,so people can crucify  me , pick my name apart, becuz Im finished caring what others think , only God can judge me..but when will people ever understand that hating on others  could be time used working on ourselves we all need to work on who we are , thats who were responsible for and not anyone else and ya know what exposing somebody elses battles is not gonna help us win our won wars within our own lives. Causing another person pain is not gonna heal ours, its so crazy that we try to be perfect for imperfect people those we hide ourselves from becuz  were so afraid of being labeled fake, just becuz ur past has mistakes doesn't mean your futures cant be great ,God forgives and that's a fact. And to the people criticizing someone elses past well I guess you forgot where God met you at, I guess you forgot that you got a past too, God is my final  judge no one else ,he's yours too