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Unlike any other

She was a woman like any other, yet completely unique in the most quietly gorgeous ways. Her strong spirit tucked away her mysteries behind green eyes, masking a soul brimming of wonder and beauty..complete with emotions that seemed never to waver. Known by many, understood by few and loved by all, she had a way about her that most just didn’t get and she was okay with that. She knew who she was and what she wanted. They heard her words of reassurance and believed her laugh because they never saw the anguish hidden in her soul. She was the one that could bury any pain behind a smile, any discomfort through any joke, dismiss her disappointment through a simple “it’s okay.”Truth was, it never was.. she never was. She braved the world with a dazzling smile not because she felt amazing, but because she was strong. No matter what she said or showed, she always cared about herself, her people and how others saw her because that’s just who she was and how she loved. She couldn’t just write people off or stop caring, regardless of how much they hurt her. She didn’t know how to love halfway or selfishly, and though she had a magnanimous and beautiful heart, it seemed to be constantly bleeding from the pain. Her way had always been to love passionately, live without regret and seek the answers to every question of her heart. She vowed long ago to live unapologetically , and regardless of the why, she always sought the truth. The only way she could keep the depths of her soul intact and beautiful was to tuck it away, hidden beneath the guise of a facade that always seemed to be placidly content, at best. She kept her walls high- not to keep others out, but to see who cared enough to tear them down..Yet, the one person she longed for was the one who would see her for who she truly was and would accept her for every glorious imperfection and wonderful flaw.That was her gift and curse, knowing without saying, loving without caution and caring when she shouldn’t. She paid the price many times over for what many would say is folly, but she knew better- she wouldn’t change who she was, regardless of how it hurt sometimes. She would never accept halfway love and lackluster passion, she needed more than that. She would follow her heart and often leave her head behind..Her heart would be shattered into countless pieces.. And yet, somehow, she still believed in love. In her world, the only path to catching her dreams and finding true love was to follow her heart. That’s just who she was, and how she lived her life. No apologies and no regrets. She just knew that one day, she would stop wishing on shooting stars and instead,Become one herself. In a night full of lights, she was always meant to be shining beautifully,And she knew that she would never look back and lament her broken roads. The brightest diamonds are forged under the toughest pressure and she was meant to be the most brilliant light-In how she shined, how she sparkled..And most of all, How she loved.