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We need help

The Administrator, Daniel Castro, has been chasing people on the game website Game Desire, taking advantage of the position you have to commit authoritarian acts, such as banning people to defend personal interests and their circle of friends.
He has committed administrative impropriety, banning accounts for the simple fact that he believes without proof that people are close to those who somehow took a stand against his "friends." It has turned a blind eye to people who commit crimes in the game desire, such as, for example, illegal exposure of intimate and private content from third parties.
We need a new ADM for Brazil.
Daniel Castro, ADM in Brazil has censored the Blog to defend the interests of his friends, lightly banning anyone who comes to the contrary, thus preventing the Blog and the community from flourishing. He has been lacking in professionalism, and he is incompetent, emotionally incapable of being the manager of the largest online gaming site in Brazil. Daniel Castro is doing a service to the community. We ask the ADMS from around the world to help us, as we are in the hands of a dictator.

We are making a petition for the change of ADM in Brazil. Please sign ... Make sure that this message reaches someone who is above Daniel Castro, ADM Brasileiro.