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a tricky hand in poker ( lesson number 1 )

 i've come across many players on here. the worst kind are the ones who comment on your play after a very short amount of time, trying to point out errors in your play. "you should have checked that" is something i keep hearing often, it's always 'you should have done this" or "you should have done that." they are constantly picking at what you do because they have no concept of long term strategy. have you ever worked with a french chef? i have. they remind me of french chefs who will freak out when you deviate from what they consider the proper way.  they will go nuts if you don't warm up that egg yolk before mixing it into a sauce. stuff like that. what i would do when that happen is wait for them..after the parking lot....with a baseball bat....and know what i mean.
  now...getting to that tricky hand. there will be the occasion when everyone limps in and you will have a hand like, for example 5 of spades and 4 of diamonds...and the flop will come down like.....7 of diamonds 8 of diamonds amd jack of clubs.  you see how you seem to have a bit of a potential straight and a potential flush combined. it is not a hand that gives you both the chance of a flush and an opened end straight ( which is a very good hand ) but it gives you "some" of both. lets assume two players before you both limp in....what is the best way to play this hand now...statistically? is there a proper way to play this hand that is profitable in this situation? i've played over 420,000 hands and have been in this position many times. what do you do? what you can do is kiss my a$$. that is what you can do. you think i am going to reveal to you something like this? yeah, right, have another drink. i already have enough aggravation with the goofs on think i am going to help you out? can kiss my a$$ is what you can do.$$.  and that is lesson number 1.