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i love this game. i hate this game.
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  • BILL@ya1136175 days ago
    123.4 still keeps trying to be a ***** about it........
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  • BILL@ya1136181 days ago
    ust now.....a perfect example of the dealer voodoo i have to put up with....i had AA.....the flop comes 3 3 ace is a club....on 3 is a club.....a player puts a one blind bet,,,i call..everyone calls..i'm hoping someone is chasing a flush....very minimal chance of a straight flush......guess what the next card is......another 3!!! now i have the threat of QUADS killing my nuts fullhouse!! it is very reasonable to assume someone was playing treys....on the river they all fold except one player who makes a small bet and i made a pot sized bet...which he called and i won. i probably could have ramped it up and gotten more but the voodoo dealer keeps doing stuff like me the most detrimental turns and river you can imagine. it keeps giving me hands that are almost impossible to fold but will put up turns and rivers that make the most unlikely things possible. and its doing this way too much. too many bizarre flops....and too much lop sided luck.
  • BILL@ya1136181 days ago
    121.1 million......careful careful careful......
  • BILL@ya1136185 days ago
    119.6 desire still trying its best to deter me. for i was in a room with one other player who showed a positive result....the other goofs were hugely negative and playing aggressively.....i said 'watch this.....the dealer will keep giving me and the other good player crap and help the idiot players'.....sure enough....both....BOTH me and the other good player were folding hand before the flop or catching nothing on the flop for 161 hands!!! while the donks were calling with anything and catching flops 90 percent of the time. i mean..maybe i could have bad luck for 161 hands ...but both of us? who just both happen to have positive results?? sorry...i don't buy it. the more patient i am and the more i progress.....the more unreasonable the dealer becomes.
  • BILL@ya1136190 days ago
    116.6 million.......achieved by placing no trust at all on the dealer and playing the dull, super tight, super careful strategy. it seems my high flying aggressive early days.......when the dealer would give me fair share of random luck on the flop are gone forever.
  • BILL@ya1136195 days ago
    but i suspect....when losers like this get on a table that has a player like me....with a huge positive result...over 70 million....the game program must rig the dealer in favor of the losers. this has to be true because crap like this always happens with the worst and most chronic losers. i have never seen this happen or had such bad luck with players that show good results. something stinks about this site because i have noticed..the more i make....the bigger my bankroll gets.....the more biased the dealer becomes towards me... constantly giving me detrimemtal flops. for example..i almost never see a dry flop when i have a strong hand and connect on the flop. the dealer will either put a straight right on the 7 8 9...when i have kk or aa......or he will notonly do that but also make it a three card flush on the flop that i am not part of. and when i have treys on the flop it is guaranteed to be a three card flush flop which i am not part of. no matter what i am always going up against a flush draw at least. a dry flop might as well be a unicorn as far as it goes with me for a very very long time. and it never used to be that way when i started.
  • BILL@ya1136195 days ago
    there is something just too weird going on. a goofy donk i have seen before came into the room. he started doing the same thing he had done before. and before.....seemed to have nothing but luck no matter what. since i remembered him i decided just to watch. and it make no sense. every time he would start with a big bet i had rags. almost every time ALL of the other players would fold. if they called..even three or four of them....he would throw out another big bet...and they would ALL fold. and this kept happening hand after hand. SOMEHOW....for 30 hands not any of the players who were calling him caught anything at all on the flop? and if they did call they would end up losing. eventually i got jj. i limped put out a big bet..i called.....there wasn't anything higher than a jack on the was all diamonds..i had the jack of diamonds..i went all in. he called. he has a 4...the ace was a diamond....and guess what the turn card was. how is this possible? how can this keep happening? now...i was way up in the session..and his stack was just a fraction of mine...which is one of the reasons i went all in with him because even if i lost it wasn;t going to do much damage...but still. and...i will also say the first time i encountered this lucky stung me..but i did end up busting him big time after a while. but still.....i don't understand how such endless luck is possible o callers. it makes me sick. i hate this guy. he is a disgrac

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