We love you


You know what they say - whoever has no success in love, is lucky in cards... We think that you can have both and that happiness loves company! Collect the special gift GD Ring and fight for millions of chips in Braveheart tournament. It's also a perfect time to give something special to your friends, so there's a bunch of new Valentine's gifts available in the shop. You can also take part in Love Challenge and get $1,000,000 chips for being the fastest guesser!


Valentine’s Gift

Click on the link and receive the Valentine's Gift. Why? Because you fully deserve it! :)


Valentine's Collection

There are new Valentine's gifts available in the shop: Arrow of Love, Only You Cake, Love Elixir, Be Mine Cake, Lovely Otters, True Love Cake, Amorous Swans. Cheer up someone with a gift and we will take care of cheering you up with great prizes:

  • give at least 3 gifts from the Collection to receive 1 ticket for Golden Arena and $10,000 chips;
  • give at least 5 gifts from the Collection to receive 1 ticket for Golden Arena, 3 tickets for Bronze Arena and $25,000 chips;
  • give at least 7 gifts from the Collection to receive 1 ticket for Golden Arena, 2 tickets for Silver Arena, $50,000 chips and GD Ring gift.

3 players who donate the most gifts to others will additionally receive 2x as much Gold as they spent on gifts during the event!

The most valuable guaranteed prize will be, of course, the joy of the gifted player!

*To receive rewards for giving special gifts, you must send them by Friday, February 15 at 11AM UTC. The bonus will be added to your account by 3PM UTC (also February 15). All winners will be notified about it by notification.


Love Challange

The word "LOVE" consists of 4 letters. We have put together 5 secret codes using those letters, each worth $1.000.000 chips! Every day – from Monday, February 11 to Friday, February 15 (always at 8PM UTC), we will activate one code. Only one and the fastest player will win the daily prize.
Check hints every day and try to break the LOVE code before others do it!

  1. Monday February 11
    The code is: +O++. The letter O was used twice.
  2. Tuesday, February 12
    The code is: V+++. There is no letter O in it.
  3. Wednesday, February 13
    The code is: +++V. Letters L and O certainly are certainly not repeated.
  4. Thursday, February 14
    The code is: O++V. This time we have given two letters - so no additional hints will be! ;-)
  5. Friday, February 15
    The code is: ++E+. There's no V in the code. One of the letters was used twice and it certainly wasn't the letter O.


SUPER FEBRUARY BONUS – gather even up to $25,000,000 chips!

All players who accumulated 3 exclusive gifts (the first one is Super Barman Cocktail, the second one is GD Ring) in February will take part in the fight for 5 packages - with $5,000,000 chips each. The total amount of chips won can reach up to $25,000,000 chips! All you need to do, is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be send on the following dates:

  • March 1, 12PM UTC
  • March 1, 4PM UTC
  • March 1, 8PM UTC
  • March 2, 12AM UTC
  • March 2, 4AM UTC

To get exclusive GD Ring gift, collect (or donate) all Valentine's Collection gifts or take part in Braveheart tournament. We will publish hints how to get future exclusive gifts on Monday: February 25.