15.05 - 28.05.2023

Barbecue Clan Battle

Steak, sausage or skewers maybe? What is your preferred grilled dish? Choose your favourites, score tournament points and win big prizes. The time for the ultimate battle is coming...

Barbecue Clan Battle - How to play

  1. Choose Clan - click on the JOIN button and join the fun. If you don't do it - your results won't count.
  2. You cannot change the Clan once selected until the end of the game.
  3. Play Poker Texas Hold'em and Poker Omaha Tournaments to earn Tournament Ranking Points. They will be the basis for determining your place in the Individual Ranking, and will also be added to the account of the Clan you belong to.
  4. Rules of Computing Tournament Ranking Points.

    The amount of ranking points awarded depend on the prize pool in the tournament and the place taken.

    1. For every 10,000 GameChips in the pool there is 1 point to be divided among players taking part in the tournament (for example if the pool is 1,000,000 GameChips, then 100 tournament points will be divided among competitors).
    2. In planned tournaments the scores pool is divided into 3 parts: 40% for everybody, 30% for the best 25% players in the tournament and 30% for the final table. In sit&go tournaments 100% of pool goes to final table.
    3. Within final table the pool is divided according following proportions: 40:25:15:10:6:4.
    4. In addition, every participant of planned tournament always receives one point only for attending the tournament, no matter how high the prize pool is. Sit&go players will not receive this point.
    5. A tournament rank is not scored for satellite tournaments, Double Or Nothing 1M & 2M tournaments and for heads up tournaments.
  5. Tournament Ranking Points in individual and clan rankings will be updated several times per hour, so don't worry if you don't see them immediately after the tournament is over.
  6. In case the Tournament ends on the day after the start date, the points will be assigned to the player's daily ranking - to the account of the day on which the tournament STARTED.
  7. The final table with the Daily Ranking should appear on the website no later than at 6.00 UTC the following day.
  8. No matter which version of the game you play, browser on your computer or mobile on your phone or tablet - you earn Points on each of them, as long as you are logged with the same account .
  9. Violations of the Terms and Conditions will result in the removal from the Clan and the deduction of points accumulated for the Clan. In extreme cases, a player's account may be blocked.
  10. You can follow the current position of the Clan and of your own in the tables: Individual Ranking and Clan Ranking.
  11. At the end of Barbecue Clan Battle, we will award the top 10 players in the Individual Ranking with following prizes:
    1 place: 100,000,000 GameChips
    2 place: 75,000,000 GameChips
    3 place: 60,000,000 GameChips
    4 place: 45,000,000 GameChips
    5 place: 30,000,000 GameChips
    6 place: 20,000,000 GameChips
    7 place: 18,000,000 GameChips
    8 place: 15,000,000 GameChips
    9 place: 12,000,000 GameChips
    10 place: 10,000,000 GameChips
    1. At the end of the Barbecue Clan Battle, we will award the top 10 players in every Clan with following prizes:
      1 place: 5,000,000 GameChips
      2 place: 3,000,000 GameChips
      3 place: 2,000,000 GameChips
      4 place: 1,000,000 GameChips
      5 place: 500,000 GameChips
      6 place: 400,000 GameChips
      7 place: 300,000 GameChips
      8 place: 200,000 GameChips
      9 place: 100,000 GameChips
      10 place: 50,000 GameChips
  12. Apart from INDIVIDUAL and CLAN RANKING, there is also DAILY INDIVIDUAL and CLAN RANKING, which shows the results of individual players and clans in the following days of the Clan Battle.
    1. Daily Individual Ranking and Daily Clan Ranking for a given day are calculated no later than at 6.00 UTC the following day.
    2. The following prizes will be awarded for taking places 1-10 in the Daily Individual Ranking:
      1 place: 3,000,000 GameChips
      2 place: 2,000,000 GameChips
      3 place: 1,500,000 GameChips
      4 place: 1,000,000 GameChips
      5 place: 750,000 GameChips
      6 place: 500,000 GameChips
      7 place: 300,000 GameChips
      8 place: 200,000 GameChips
      9 place: 150,000 GameChips
      10 place: 100,000 GameChips
    3. The top 10 players from each clan (in Daily Clan Ranking) will be awarded the following prizes:
      1 place: 250,000 GameChips
      2 place: 200,000 GameChips
      3 place: 150,000 GameChips
      4 place: 125,000 GameChips
      5 place: 100,000 GameChips
      6 place: 90,000 GameChips
      7 place: 80,000 GameChips
      8 place: 70,000 GameChips
      9 place: 60,000 GameChips
      10 place: 50,000 GameChips
    4. Prizes for the Daily Rankings are awarded on the next day until 2:00 p.m. UTC. Players will be informed about this fact by an appropriate notification.
  13. Players of the winning Clan who have accumulated at least 3 Tournament Ranking Points, will receive $50,000,000 chips to be split at the end of the competition.
  14. All players participating in the game will receive a unique gift with a badge of the Clan for which they scored points (at the end of event). The badge will appear in the player's account section.
  15. The Barbecue Clan Battle will run from 15.05 (11AM UTC) to 28.05 (10:00 PM UTC).
  16. Prizes will be awarded no later than May 30, 2023 (12:00 UTC)