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Chocolate comes from cocoa...which is a tree...that makes it a plant. Chocolate is a salad!
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Happy St. Patrick's Day 2018-03-10 a little jig! n23.118.gif
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  • Ninja825 days ago
    You're from the U.S.A. so why are you celebrating a Saint from a country you're not from?
  • prd105 days ago
    ...because we have green beer, silly dancing and corned beef and cabbage to celebrate! Probably started here by all the Irish immigrants in the 19th century during the 'potato famine" in Ireland.
  • EgoPatrol4 days ago
    how dare you celebrate anything green from Ireland lol... loved your post, sweet pat!!
  • EgoPatrol4 days ago
  • prd104 days ago
    ...if only he had an 'open' wall!