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Ode to a td 2018-06-23

Ode to the Tourney Directors


The people that run tournaments for us have taken on a lot of responsibilities trying to run organized games for us in a friendly, helpful and polite fashion. They set it up, spam it, mass it, answer the questions about the tourney repeatedly for every new person to enter the room or has missed the spam, explain the rules to all who need it repeatedly, answer general questions, be ready explain for games like MP, NBIH, do you have to sink on second break and so on, repeatedly and answer the never ending yim’s as well as take all the reports as they come along.

This is the reason a non typist like myself is deathly afraid to try be a TD and if you catch my drift, can be a very, very busy job. Yet it does not stop members from complaining when pairing mistakes are made and when you put all of the above into a busy lobby we should only praise these wonderful people and always thank them for the efforts for what they do for us and our enjoyment and fun.

When a league or a TD cordially asked you to jump a tourney yourself or report it with opponent, tourney name it is not because they are lazy or don’t want to accommodate, it is because it is a very busy job and they need our help to run it timely, successfully and make it enjoyable for all of us. We should always thank them for the jobs they do for us.

Suggestions to assist our TD’s


Jump tourneys ourselves or have “friends” ready to link us.


Instead of always asking “am I waiting” keep standings available to you and     refresh to find your answers and will tell you if TD has missed your report because of a busy lobby.


Look “up” in lobby to see if questions were already asked and answered.

Ie: BIH, rules or do I have to make break on second rack.


Pay attention because so many questions are repeated.


Only play the amount of tourney’s that you can stay alert in because TD’s are not our slaves, they are trying to direct the games, please allow them to do so.


Do not be in a rush to be critical which causes needless confusion and always try to help.


 Be an “ATDNTA” (assistant TD-no tourney’s allowed) and be helpful to our wonderful friends and all will be run more smoothly.

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  • DivineChaos21 days ago
    Game desire had an issue with their page refreshing yesterday. Apparently now it is fixed, because your blog has posted 9 times.

    In response to your blog, being a tournament director takes a unique type of person. You have to have thick skin and not let anything anyone says about you or to you bother you. I agree that people who jump tournaments should have the tournament page up before them, as this will answer most of their questions. They should also be willing to sit and wait for their turn to play. However, if you are in a tournament you should be considerate of your opponents and not step away from the computer for longer than 5 minutes. Same goes for the tournament director, if you are running a tour you should be present at your computer for the entire length of your tour. If you have to step away, make sure you have someone watching your tour, someone that can announce the next round, place timers, etc.

    You have awesome TDs and you have horrible TDs. Being a TD is not for everyone. Being a TD should not give you the feeling of power over the members of the league. Being a TD is volunteer, you get no pay, but yet you can be fired. A good TD will spam their tour in CAPS, then lower their caps to chat in the lobby. I do find it funny though how the use of CAPS seems to inject power into some TDs. They love to spam their tours every minute and continue to chat in the lobby with caps.

    PS...you might want to delete the other 8 blogs....js