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Feel it in your bones, the need for something more... the more and more you wait, it's burning you...
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  • EgoPatrol4 hours ago
  • EgoPatrol3 days ago
  • JOHN167554 days ago
    Hi Anda enjoy your week keep smiling!
    • EgoPatrol3 days ago
      hi, John. Have a fun week!!
  • EgoPatrol4 days ago
  • EgoPatrol7 days ago
  • EgoPatrol9 days ago
    this is America!!!!!! hahaha
    • prd107 days ago
      ...uninformed people are epidemic in half of Americans!! lol
    • EgoPatrol5 days ago
      haha funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... think about the amount of electricity we are wasting... hahaha
  • EgoPatrol9 days ago
  • EgoPatrol10 days ago
    I’m nobody, who are you?
    Yes, nobody, no face, no style, no fashion
    far away from the fun and the bursts of joy.

    I’m nobody, yes, yet
    the fact that my heart is not full of myself
    leaves all this space free for you.
  • IM@GIN@RY11 days ago
    good night,colorful dreams to you .. by
    • EgoPatrol11 days ago
      bye bye
  • EgoPatrol12 days ago
    if you need help to quit smoking... this guy is available...
    • papabear110411 days ago
      Not a nice video, if this moron tried that with me he would be looking down the barrel of my 9mm!
    • EgoPatrol11 days ago
      thats why guns r free in usa ))
    • papabear110411 days ago
      I'm glad I live in the U.S.A and be able to protect myself from this type of unwarranted assault, there is no call for this type of behavior just because he does not like my lifestyle.
      This is type of behavior Cannot be justified in any way!
    • EgoPatrol11 days ago
      lets shoot the *******!!

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