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What is a tournament ranking?

A tournament rank is a special form of rank, in which scores are admitted for attending tournaments. It applies only to the new poker games. Players are scored in monthly rounds, which means, that every month the competition starts from the beginning.


With the end of every month the best players are rewarded according to the position they occupy:

1 - 20 Golden eye (30 days)

The leading 60 players at the end of the month qualify to the final tournament, which takes place always on the first Saturday of the following month.

There are 7 premium places in the monthly final, and prize pool is 75 mln.

Scoring rules

Ranking scores result from the size of tournament prize pool and the occupied position.
  1. For every 10,000 GameChips in the pool there is 1 point to be divided among players taking part in the tournament (for example if the pool is 1,000,000 GameChips, then 100 tournament points will be divided among competitors).
  2. In planned tournaments the scores pool is divided into 3 parts: 40% for everybody, 30% for the best 25% players in the tournament and 30% for the final table. In sit&go tournaments 100% of pool goes to final table.
  3. Within final table the pool is divided according following proportions: 40:25:15:10:6:4.
  4. In addition, every participant of planned tournament always receives one point only for attending the tournament, no matter how high the prize pool is. Sit&go players will not receive this point.
  5. A tournament rank is not scored for satellite tournaments, Double Or Nothing 1M & 2M tournaments and for heads up tournaments.
National leagues
This is a special tournament ranking for players from same country. Here you have the opportunity to compete with your fellow players and compare your results.*

*To participate in your national league you must select your own country and start playing in tournaments and gathering points. You will be automatically displayed in the ranking according to amount of points you win.
Selected league: World  

Ranking: 2015-02-01

#LoginCountryPhotoVIP clubRanking
(scheduled / sit'n'go)
WinsChips Won
1756-/10True Blue (2)7.1 mln
2Poland499-/6True Blue (1)5.4 mln
3Poland488-/6True Blue (1)5.1 mln
4Poland 470-/18 4.2 mln
5Poland463-/10True Blue (1)4.2 mln
6Spain4532/7 3.5 mln
7Poland450-/4True Blue (1)4.5 mln
8Poland426-/11 3.8 mln
9United Kingdom412-/10 3.8 mln
10Poland364-/6True Blue (1)3.8 mln
11Canada3391/10True Blue (2)2.8 mln
12Poland3302/33True Blue (1)2.8 mln
13306-/4True Blue (1)2.6 mln
14Brazil285-/6 2.4 mln
15France279-/5True Blue (1)2.9 mln
16France2791/4True Blue (1)2.4 mln
17Netherlands2716/8True Blue (2)2.1 mln
18Poland 254-/1True Blue (1)2.8 mln
19Spain2541/5 2.5 mln
20240-/4True Blue (1)2.7 mln
21Bolivia 234-/11 1.9 mln
22Czech Republic225-/2True Blue (1)2.5 mln
23Poland221-/7 2.0 mln
24Poland2173/7 2.9 mln
25215-/5 2.3 mln
26Iran207-/14True Blue (2)1.9 mln
27Poland181-/2True Blue (1)2.0 mln
28United States170-/5 1.5 mln
29Poland165-/4 1.5 mln
30161-/7True Blue (1)1.4 mln

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